CLIENT LIST (Patrick Cunningham)

Eugene Phiffer (Historical Restoration, Little Rock, Arkansas)
Capital Hotel (Historical Restoration, Little Rock)
Senator David Pryor (Wall Mural, Condo, Little Rock)
Senator Vic Snyder (House of Representatives, Little Rock)
St. Vincent’s Hospital (Painting, Heart Wing, Little Rock)
Herbert Hall McAdams III (Union Bank Dallas (Little Rock)
Victor Jacuzzi (Samurai Painting, Little Rock)
Dr. Steve Cathey (Ceiling Mural, Little Rock)
AON Insurance (Golf Mural, Little Rock)
Martha & Frank Del Re (Wine Cellar, Long Beach, California)
Jean Jost, Ph.D. (Fresco and Seascape, Redondo Beach, California)
Bella Italia Restaurant (30′ Long Mural, Little Rock)
Little Rock Country Club (Landscape, Little Rock)
Pleasant Valley Country Club (Landscapes, Little Rock)
Anne & Carl Weinburg (Buddha Painting, Pasadena, California)
Dr. C.D. Williams (Ceiling Mural, Little Rock)
Edward Kesky (Italian Landscape, Los Alamitos, California)
Heartscape Medical Building (Mural of Venice, Italy, Cypress, California)
Mark & Kim Brockinton (Wine Mural, Little Rock)
One Bank (Abstract Face, Downtown Lobby, Little Rock)
Ernest Harper, Esq. (Ceiling Mural, Little Rock)
Anne Harper (Portrait, Little Rock)
Marlesgate (Portraits, Little Rock)
Dr. Rex Winters (Landscape Painting of Italy, Los Alamitos, California)
Dr. William Carbary (Abstract, Little Rock)
M. Shoemaker (Coffered Ceiling, Manhattan Beach, California)
M. Shoemaker (Sculpture Over Entry, Manhattan Beach, California)
First Pentecostal Church (19′ Tall Statue, Paintings, North Little Rock)
Cromwell Architects (Historical Restoration, House of Representatives, Little Rock)
Nelo (Fresco, Palazzo Torlinia, Ceri, Italy)
Greg Hendrix (Mural, River Market, Little Rock)
Bailey Fine Art Collection (Little Rock)
Dr. James English (Portraits, Little Rock)
Arthur Boutiette Fine Art Collection (Little Rock)
Kitterman Law Firm (Landscape, Little Rock Office)
Judd Kidd, Esq. (Portrait, Little Rock)
Lawrence A. Mendelsohn, M.D. (Dining Room Frescoes, Little Rock)
Taggart Design Group (State Capital Restoration, Little Rock)
Michael Hendrickson (Mural, Little Rock)

HGTV Featured Artist in Designer’s Challenge
(Season Opener for Show’s 16th Season February 27, 2008) dining-area/index.html

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