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Patrick Cunningham (aka Giolla Patraic, my Irish name) has been influenced by the; love of art and history to develop a philosophical way of looking at life and the world around him.

Born in Southern California, Patrick knew at an early age what he wanted to do with his life. His childhood passion for history and art ultimately led him to develop the Old Master Style for which he is known.  Oil paintings are his primary medium, but portraiture, sculpture and figurative abstraction are also part of his work.

Patrick Cunningham also believes learning is a lifelong pursuit that is essential to one’s growth as an artist.  His studies have taken him to Ceri, Italy, a small Tuscan village where he studied fresco techniques under Italian masters, and to France where he studied mural design.

Patrick’s work resides in numerous private collections across the United States and Europe.

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  • Tom Dykhuizen

    Just saw your Grand Canal in Venice mural at the health center in Cerritos. Very cool.

  • Patrick

    Thanks, Karen, for your inquiry. We have just posted the information on our newest painting workshop, which will be January 16-19, 2012 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It will be a fun workshop limited to 10 students. We will paint a chapel in the lavender fields of Provence, France. A photo of what we will be painting as well as a detailed description can be found at http://www.artkarma.com. Please call me if you have any questions or if you would like to reserve a space for the workshop. Thanks so much. Hope to hear from you soon. Patrick Cunningham (949) 354-8747

  • Vikki Mixell

    are you doing the artwork at the First Pentecostal Church in North Little Rock? we were told that Patrick Cunningham created the Angel in the sanctuary and is doing the large painting in the foyer area

  • Patrick Bonorden

    What is the status on the oil painting of the indian that is signed Patrick Cunningham 75?

  • Patrick

    Could you give me more details, please? I have a painting of a Mayan, but I’m unaware of a painting signed Patrick Cunningham 75. Thanks, Patrick

  • Judith Littleton (Chapa)

    Oh my goodness…..I’m so happy you are still doing what you love. So long ago and I have the two pieces you painted. The cherubs (6 ft.) remember…..I had to make you come to my house and sign it!!). Also the colorful landscape you gave us as a gift when we moved to TX! Well, we are in Naples, FL now. Paradise. If you come this far south, let us know. It’s an artists dream.
    Be well my friend. Judith & Ramon

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