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Detail of Portrait of Madison & Chloe
Chloe – Detail of Painting of Madison & Chloe
Portrait of Madison & Chloe
Madison & Chloe
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Olivia Hussey is an Argentinian actress who became famous for her role as Juliet in Franco Zeffirelli’s Academy Award-winning 1968 film version of Romeo and Juliet. Italian film director Franco Zeffirelli first spotted her in London and cast her at the age of 17 as Juliet, her first starring role, because of her mischievous nature and dark-haired beauty.

Eighteen-karat gold leaf has been applied to portions of the painting. This 18 karat gold is blessed and ceremoniously applied to statues at a temple in Thailand by Buddhist monks and visitors praying and meditating on the statues. After the gold leaf becomes thick on the statues, it is then removed from the statues, refined, and the process is repeated. The painting has gold leaf that has been embued with the meditation, prayers and positive energy of hundreds of people who have visited the temples in Thailand.





My inspiration for “Constance” was a character who was an immortal from a mystery novel written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Eighteen-karat gold leaf has been applied to portions of this painting as well.



Ann & Lily - Artist's Private Collection





I like to work from a photograph and, if possible, have the subject pose for me at the beginning and the end of the painting process.

Before I  begin the portrait, I gather information about the person, including their sense of humor, hobbies, and philosophy of life.

I meditate on this information while painting their eyes.  This really captures their spirit – the essence of their soul.

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